Year Level Counseling

Marist’s guidance program spans four years. Students in each year level are assigned a counselor so that each student will receive personalized attention. The guidance and counseling program is one of the ways in which this personalized attention is provided.

Freshman Year

-Introduction to the School Counseling Department, Tours of the Department, transition into High School Workshops
-Explanation of Counseling services
-Overview of standardized testing
-PSAT  (Fall); ACT Aspire (Spring)
-Identification of students with special needs
-PSAT score report presentations
-Individual Counseling
-Group sessions 
-Peer Counseling 
-Introduction to Summer Programs

Students in school uniform near school bus

Sophomore Year

-Character Development
-Personality Exploration
-Career Exploration
-Explain academic performance requirements related to specific careers, Teaching, Business, Medical, Engineering, etc.
-Administer PSAT and interpret results (Fall); ACT Aspire (Spring)
-PSAT score report presentations
-Referral of student athletes for NCAA eligibility
-Individual counseling
-Group sessions 
-Participation in Summer Program

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Junior Year

-PSAT, interpret results, Score Report Presentations
-Assist with SAT registration
-Explain Junior Year Timetable
-What colleges consider in selecting applicants
-Continuation of Personality Exploration
-Continuation of Career Exploration
-Factors to consider in search for college
-How to obtain college/school applications and information
-Financial aid and college selection 
-Use of Resource Center
-Referral of student athletes for NCAA eligibility
-Discuss rank and grade average for 4th and 5th semesters
-Conduct parent/student/counselor interviews as requested
-Attend College Fair
-Assist with course selection for senior year
-Individual counseling
-Introduce College Board materials
-Participation in Summer Programs

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Senior Year

-Classroom workshops on preparing for the college application process
-Assist with SAT registrations
-Terminology of college admissions, tests and testing
-Senior Year Timetable
-Arrange visits and programs by college admissions counselors
-Dates and deadlines for applications – acquiring applications
-Completing applications and the application process
-Teacher, counselor recommendations
-Assist with college selection
-Assist with college essays
-Liaison with college admission counselors
-Visiting college campuses
-Distribution and explanation of financial aid forms
-Rank and grade average distribution for 6th and 7th semesters
-Distribution of college scholarship applications to students
-College and financial aid information night providing resources on financial aid for parents
-Individual counseling
-Attending College Fair
-Peer Counseling
-Career Day
-Post-graduation transition skills

Two students dressed for graduation