Testing and College Readiness

Students walking around school together

Testing and Evaluation

This service provides information about the individual.  All pertinent information is gathered, studied and utilized in working with individual students for the purpose of helping the individual to understand his/her own abilities, interests, aptitudes, motivations, needs and problems.

  1. The specific objectives of the testing program are:
    To enable the yearly growth of students
    To enable the school staff to plan an optimum educational program with the students
    To assist in individualizing instruction
    To help in identifying individual and group strengths and weaknesses
    To help students plan their educational and vocational futures
  2. Administrators, teachers and counselors are encouraged to consult with each other concerning students with special needs.
  3. Appropriate cumulative record data is interpreted to students (and parents, if they so request) during interviews.
  4. Information concerning individual students or groups of students is provided for teachers and administrators to enable them to plan curricular programs appropriate to the needs of the students.

Testing Program

Freshman Year: PSAT 9 (Fall); ACT Aspire (Spring)
Sophomore Year: PSAT (Fall); ACT Aspire (Spring)
Junior Year: PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (Fall), SAT (Spring), ACT (Spring)
Senior Year: SAT, ACT

The Resource Center contains a comprehensive collection of information about career and educational opportunities.  It is in the Resource Center that the student is able to:

  1. use computers to research colleges and scholarship information
  2. examine catalogs and view books of colleges, universities, junior colleges, vocational and technical schools
  3. peruse college reference handbooks containing summary information concerning most colleges and universities in this country and abroad
  4. examine occupational reference books and literature
Photo of the guidance media center

College Representative Visits

Many college admission representatives who are eager to recruit students of Marist caliber visit Marist High School and meet with the students during the two lunch periods. Students are given literature and admission applications.  Seniors and juniors are made award of admission requirements, costs, availability of financial aid and other important considerations. College representatives also come to Marist throughout the year to provide important information to the seniors.