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Together, Student Council and Campus Ministry sponsor various drives, collections and fund-raisers for the benefit of agencies that serve the poor.

We have a special relationship with the Soup Kitchen at St. John's Church in Newark, which serves thousands of homeless in the community. As befits a family, the pastor is an alumnus and our students respond eagerly to the opportunities to give food, toiletries socks and gloves, toys, or any other items requested. Other local food pantries also reach out to us. These are announced and are in the Family Newsletter

Students are required to complete yearly service hours (as described in the Marist handbook) before graduation.

Freshmen are introduced to the idea of service by a class volunteer day at the Community Food Bank in Hillside NJ, where they assist in preparing food supplies and learn about Hunger in the US and in the world.

Sophomores participate in a local beach clean-up, arranged and sponsored by Marist, where they learn about the environment and the spiritual mandate to Care for the Earth.

Juniors are expected to use their initiative to arrange for and complete their hours at individual sites, Resources for this include Jersey Cares, Relay for Life and . Announcements for volunteer opportunities are made throughout the year. Students are also encouraged to lead school-wide drives and programs that benefit the poor. Trip to nursing homes, tutoring and work at local soup kitchens etc. are also announced options.