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Monday, April 27
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Monday, March 30

Good morning all, I hope all is well. Did you exercise over the weekend? Watched your diet? Ate healthy foods? Probably not but HEY! It’s okay. Allow me to help. 

Here is a fun workout I’d like for everyone to try out either alone or with your family members. The rest of material is posted on google classroom including a video on stretching for stiff muscles. I am encouraging everyone to please join the classroom. The classroom code is: 4g76cse

Workout video:

Thank you,

Gineyda Lopez

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Friday, March 27

Good morning all, it is week 1 day 5 of Work it Out with Ney. I have posted an exercise in the google classroom but will post here in this email as well. Please take the time to join the classroom as I will be solely be posting material there to influence an audience. There are only 44 members. 

SO!, "What you mean relaxing friyay, Ms. L???" Well it's exactly what it is said to be :)

Please enjoy and have fun! Email me with any questions, concerns, or recommendations for this exercise. Let me know what you think and if there other meditations you would like for me to give you for specific obstacles in your life. 

The google classroom code is 4g76cse.

Relaxing FriYAY!
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Wednesday, March 25


Good morning teachers and students! Today is the day to try to do the new #FlexChallenge on TikTok. The instructions are on google classroom but I will post here.


TikTok Thursday! Yay! -Week 1 day 4


You “simply” lay flat on your stomach with your arms behind your back and try to swing your legs around, and stand up. 

Remember! Stretching decrease risk of injury. Try every stretching position and hold for 20-30 seconds. Don’t forget to stretch your hip and legs. Here is a stretching video for hip and legs to help:

Is it possible? Can you try? Hmmm idk! Only one way to find out right? If comfortable, try to send me your attempt via email Please don’t send from TikTok app. Download the video and try to send from camera roll and/or computer file. I will form a video collage of everyone attempting the challenge (YES INCLUDING MYSELF :) ) and I will try to send it over in an email. 

Have fun! See you soon!

Flex challenge

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Monday, March 23

Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you exhausted from working all day and night for your classes? Are you experiencing unhealthy body changes? Are you REALLY trying to be healthy? Whether you answered "yes" or "no" to any of the above questions, you're already on the right track by reading this far. 

I have uploaded this weeks material 3/23 - 3/26 on "Work out with Ney" in google classroom. The code is 4g76cse.

I figure this may be the best way for us to stay physically active at home during this global crisis. Take some time out your day for self body care and boost your immune system with tips provided. Exercising has great benefits and takes care of you in the short and long term. Take advantage of your energy as you may find yourself sinking on your bed, couch, and/or recliner. Exercising isn't the worst thing in the world right?

Check out the day-by-day activities and videos attached in the classroom and tune in every day Monday through Friday for different things to do. I will post exercises, meditations, stretches, fun facts, etc,. I intend for this to be fun and beneficial as we learn to practice self-care in these upcoming weeks.

Not a flexible person? Have difficulties? NO WORRIES! In the upcoming weeks, I am going to upload new and exciting things that works for anyone without having the intensity of a full body workout. There are many different ways to stay active and i'm here to give you the info on how.

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT but there's more. I am going to schedule a day where we can tune in on google classroom and complete a live workout. Fun right? I thought so.

Teachers and students please let me know of any ideas you'd like for me to add. My email is

Have fun! :)