Throughout the year students are invited to attend retreats at the Marist Brothers Retreat House in Esopus, NY. A beautiful spot on the Hudson River in the Hudson Valley, our students soon learn to call Esopus "home." Some of the programs offered there are:

Days of Reflection

One day programs that involve Prayer, sharing, fun, reflection and orientation to the concept of "retreat".

Year Level Retreats

Classes have the opportunity to get away to think about becoming the kind of persons we want to be and God wants us to be, in a beautiful environment.


Available to Seniors only, a more serious, 4 day program that focuses on the great questions of life and one's relationship with God. This program is open to students from all Marist High Schools in the East.

Adventure Retreats

Team building and Leadership skills are the focus of this program.

Marist Youth

A select group of Sophomores are nominated for this International Gathering of students from all the Marist schools. Leadership skills and Marist identity are emphasized. It is held on Memorial Day weekend.

Note about Retreats:

Marist reserves the right to restrict attendance at retreats to students whose maturity level and discipline record reflect their ability to participate meaningfully in a retreat…especially overnight programs.  Permission slips are required for all retreats. Marist students WHO LIVE THE MARIST VALUES are welcome to attend these programs. However, no student should be forced to attend. We believe that retreat must be a choice or the program is ineffectual. Students may only attend retreats with the approval of the Campus Minister and the Assistant Principal for Students. Retreats are priced according to length of stay and type of program. Some scholarship money is available. NO STUDENT SHOULD MISS RETREAT BECAUSE OF FINANCES.