Girls' Basketball


Head Girls' Basketball Coach: Reggie Quinn

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2019/2020 Marist High School Girls’ Varsity Basketball Schedule


12/07/2019                         Shabazz H.S.                                                Away

12/14/2019                         RFH                                                               Away

12/16/2019                         Hackensack H.S.                                         Away

12/17/2019                        Paterson Kennedy H.S.                           Home


Regular Season

12/19/2019                                    Snyder High School                                  Home

12/21/2019                                    Marist Tip-Off Classic                              Home

12/26/2019                                    Marist Holliday Classic                           Home

12/28/2019                                    Marist Holiday Classic                             Home

12/30/2019                                    Marist Holiday Classic                             Home           

01/04/2020                                    Ferris High School                                      Away

01/09/2020                                    St. Dominic Academy                              Home

01/14/2020                                    McNair Academic High School                Away

01/16/2020                                    University Charter High School           Home

01/20/2020                                    Martin Luther King Classic                    Home

01/21/2020                                    Hoboken High School                                Away

01/23/2020                                    Snyder High School                                   Away

01/25/2020                                    Mater Dei Prep                                          Home

01/28/2020                                    Ferris High School                                    Home

02/04/2020                                    St. Dominic Academy                                 Away

02/06/2020                                    McNair Academic High School             Home

02/11/2020                                     University Charter High School              Away

02/13/2020                                    Hoboken High School                              Home


HCIAL Playoffs

02/14/2020                                    Seeding Meeting

02/15/2020                                    Play-in Game

02/18/2020                                    Round 1

02/20/2020                                    Round 2

02/22/2020                                    Quarter Finals

02/26/2020                                    Semi-Finals

02/29/2020                                    Championship