Annual Fund

Dear Marist Friends and Family,

Another successful school year is behind us and we look forward to all that the new school year will bring. Thank you for all your support this past school year.  I have met a lot of great Alum and I look forward to meeting more this year!

With that said, another year means we are launching our annual fund again and we need your support! I am steadily working on the land lease deal and we are close to having one locked in!  We need you to do as you have done in the past and give to support the annual fund. Soon we will be working on an Endowment Fund that will help sustain Marist for many years to come and to do to this we need your continued support.

As a member of the Marist family, you already know how successful we have been in the past.  The success of our present and future students depends largely on the support we have received through donations and gifts.

One my favorite phrases is; “We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us.”  It may well be your shoulders on which we stand. For that, we thank you.

With your continued support for Marist we can build upon the foundations laid by prior generations and contributors.  In fact, years from now, our children and grandchildren will be the beneficiaries of our selfless giving.

In the spirit of Marcellin Champagnat, we are all called to serve “those who need it most.”

Won’t you please take this opportunity as you have done in the past to look into your heart and help us continue the Marist mission?

Your timely contribution will be put to immediate use helping young men and women achieve their dreams.

We all should be allowed to dream … will you heed the call?

Warm Regards,

Peter G. Kane


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