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Welcome to our Message Board to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Founding of the Marist Brothers! Below you will find stories, quotes, and memories from the Marist Community about their experiences with Marist High School. This page will be continuously updated, so check back often to see new postings! If you have submitted a response, please allow a few days for us to post it to the message board.

Enjoy the memories!

Tom Mullins - Class of 1971

"Yes Sir, very good Sir, excellent Sir," were some of his most famous expressions. He was in his early twenties and I was fortunate to have him as my Mentor for Sophomore English in 1968 and American History in 1969. His name was Brother Shawn Mahoney. He instilled positive reinforcement in me. I can recall being on the 1967 Freshman Cross Country Team and Brother Shawn being at the meets and cheering the students on. He would actually run the race on the sidelines and then appear at different junctures and be a cheerleader. "Get tough Sir," he would yell. His energy and enthusiasm was potent! He also stressed vocabulary and creative writing. He would give writing assignments and urge his students not to give up and keep on writing. I have written three books and credit my writing ethic to Brother Shawn. If you answered one of his questions with a big vocabulary word, he would yell, "Very good Sir." I teach English in Thailand now and utilize a lot of his format! Unfortunately, Brother Shawn left Marist in my Senior Year and to be honest, I felt a void. However, to me, Brother Shawn was a great mentor. Thank You & God Bless. Tom Moon Mullins, Class of 1971!