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What is a Squire?

All of you Royal Knights out there would know that the third step of knighthood is becoming a page then a squire. 

What is the Squire Circle?

The Squire Circle has been established to recognize men and women who have embraced our philanthropic efforts. At Marist High School we realize that #EveryDollarCounts. Join the Squire Circle today with a donation of $10!

Why should I participate? 

By donating just $10, you are setting an example for younger Alumni to support a Marist Education for future students. Can you think of one person at Marist High School that positively impacted your life? Give another student the opportunity to have a similar memory!

How can I donate?

  • Donate online below

  •  Send a check in the envelope we’ve included (no cash, please!)

  • Include (Every Dollar Counts!) in the Memo

  • Call us at 201-437-4545 ext. 202