Annual Fund Chair

Owen Ryan

Dear Alumni and Friends of Marist High School:

I am honored to have been asked by Alice Mesniek, Principal, to be the Chairman of the Marist Annual Fund for 2017-2018.  As you know, the Annual Fund is our yearly fundraising effort that supports tuition assistance, spiritual development, faculty salaries, library and media resources, and computer and information technology at the school.

Marist is very dependent on the generosity of alumni and our many friends and benefactors who annually support the education of our students.  And as you very well know, our school is having an increasingly difficult time meeting its financial needs.  Without your support, Marist would have to raise tuition, reduce the quality of the programs we offer our students or in a worst case scenario have to close its doors like St. Anthony’s and Queen of Peace just did.

I, like so many of you, consider my time at Marist as a key foundational experience for my life and professional career.  The Marist brothers helped shape both my abilities and my character, and allowed me to leverage future opportunities to contribute back to our community and succeed in the business world. I am so grateful to have had the “Marist experience” and am inspired to do what I can to help future generations have that same opportunity.

Your school is still dedicated to preparing graduates for college and the world beyond, just as the faculty prepared us.  Your generosity will make it possible for other students to receive the benefits of a Marist High School Education and realize the same successes we have enjoyed.

Our goal for the 2017-2018 Fund year is $325,000. All gifts to the Annual Fund are greatly appreciated and I thank you for your generous contribution.


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Yours in Christ,





Owen Ryan ’80  

Annual Fund Chairperson