Tuition FAQ

Marist High School Announces Tuition Guarantee Through 2019


Who is eligible for the Tuition Guarantee through 2019? 

All currently enrolled students.


How much is tuition? 

Tuition will remain $9,150 for academic years 2017-18 and 2018-19.


Does the tuition guarantee include fees? 

It does not. The annual activity fee, registration fee, books & technology fee and one-time fees such as Chromebooks in Grade 9 and the graduation fee for seniors are not subject to the guarantee. Presently, fees total $1,250.00.


What happens in 2020? 

We know the sacrifices many of our families make to send their children to Marist. Many find the investment more than pays off in scholarships and financial aid awarded for college. At this point, we can guarantee tuition of $9,150.00 until 2019. Our aim is to keep any future tuition increases in line with our commitment to keeping excellent Catholic high school education accessible and affordable.


How does financial aid affect my tuition payment?

Financial aid awarded each year is deducted from the tuition payment. Families are still solely responsible for all school fees.


Is there still time to apply for financial aid? 

Yes, if you act now! The sooner you apply, the greater the likelihood of receiving aid.