Marist High School and Its Environment 

Marist High School is located in the New York metropolitan area, a half-hour away from Manhattan. Our school’s diversity is one of its many strengths, with a student body that represents cultures and ethnicities from all over the world. In 2015, we began our full-fledged international program, which increased from a handful of students to 25 in only two years. Our goal is to maintain an international student program that represents 10% of the total student population.


International Student Coordinator

In addition to their regular school Counselor, our International Students also have an in-house Coordinator who acts as an additional school counselor and ensures that all international students can adjust to their new life in America. During weekly meetings, the coordinator checks in on students by listening to their concerns and providing important information about school events and programs. He assigns an American “buddy” to each new international.  Additionally, he is available for consultation every day after school, and coordinates events such as field trips and the Chinese New Year party.



Marist's philosophy is that students will learn English by immerision. During their first year in America, International students are given in an English Language Learning Class for one period a day. Students can use this time to catch up on their work, prepare vocabulary for an upcoming class, or receive help from in-class supervision. Usually, a student becomes able to do regular classwork after their first semester in the school. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of area is Bayonne, New Jersey?

Bayonne, New Jersey is a quiet, safe town with a suburban-like feel. It boasts a fairly diverse population, reporting over 30% of residents as people of nonwhite descent. Bayonne is less than an hour away from New York, allowing students to freely explore the big city in their free time. 

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What sets Marist apart from other schools?

Besides its extraordinary diversity, Marist has an amazing facility, small class sizes, and warm and caring teachers. Students call Marist their “home”. Marist also boasts a fantastic fine arts program, a medical career exploration program called MEDQUEST, free tutoring, and one-to-one technology. Juniors and Seniors have access to a wide array of electives in engineering, art, business, and the social sciences. 

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What is a typical day in the life of an international student look like?

Anna Vu, senior 
7:30AM - Wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready for school
8:00AM - Walk to school
1st period: Religion IV
2nd period: Independent Study
3rd period: English IV
4th period: AP Calculus 
5th period: Studio Art
6th period: English Language Learning
7th period: Engineering 
2:35PM-4:30PM: Drama Club
5:00PM: Return home and do homework
7:30PM: Cook and eat dinner 
9:00PM: Chat with friends and family from Vietnam
10:00PM: Go to bed

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Can I get help with my English?

In addition to the required English curriculum, international students have an English Language Learning period during their first five months in America. Students are encouraged to get assistance with their homework, to translate class work, to prepare for tests and quizzes. If a student wants or needs additional English instructions, they can arrange this with their agency. 

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Is there college counseling?

Marist High School has a longstanding tradition of 100% college acceptance.  This is achieved through the efforts of our School Counseling staff.  Some of our most notable recent acceptances include Harvard, Brown, Cornell, Berkeley School of Music, New York School of Design, Savannah College of Art and Design, and of course Rutgers, the state college of New Jersey.

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What extracurricular activities are available?

International students are welcome to participate in extracurricular activities and to try out for all of our sports teams.  You can discover what activities and sports we offer by clicking here.

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What does August Orientation cover?

The two-day August Orientation is an important opportunity for International Students to become accustomed to life in an American High School and more particularly, Marist High School.  You’ll receive your Chromebook and set it up with your new email and apps you’ll need to be successful.  You’ll receive your schedule and be given a comprehensive tour of the building, including where your locker is and how to unlock it.  You’ll be assigned a “student buddy” and meet the staff who can help you through your transition.  They will share information and ideas that will create a smooth adjustment.

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How many international students attend Marist?

About 10% of the Marist student body consists of international students. Although most come from Asian countries such as China, Korea and Vietnam, we’ve also had students from Spain, Brazil, Germany, and Ethiopia, just to name a few.

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What courses will I be taking?

Each Marist student takes English, Math, Science, History, and Religion every year. Freshman and sophomore classes are predetermined, but in junior and senior year, students can choose electives from a wide array of choices such as Psychology, Criminal Justice, Computer Programming, Engineering, Studio Art, Videography, just to name a few.

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How many AP course does Marist offer?

Marist offers nine AP courses.  A student who wants to take an AP course that Marist does not offer is encouraged to do so through our two on-line partners:  VHS and Educere.

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What kind of technology does Marist have?

The entire Marist campus has WiFi access, and each student is given a personal Chromebook with which they can complete and submit assignments. Students are also able to take hands on medical and engineering courses held in specially designed classrooms.  Computer Programming, Graphics Design, Web Design, occur in Computer Labs; the art class contains MAC’s along with ample Video equipment.  The School also has a Close Circuit TV studio.

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How much does it cost?

Tuition and program fees are handled by Marist’s partner agencies. Contact them for details. Their contact information is listed below.

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How do I apply?

You can apply through any of the partners listed below. These agencies all provide the homestay arrangement for their students. International students who have a relative living in the area can apply directly to the school. 

Our Partners

Our international partners are Cambridge Institute of International Education and West and East Scholars. They handle the application process, housing, as well as the collection of program costs and fees.

  • Cambridge Network

Student Inquiry Link

Host Inquiry Link

Portland International Academy  PIA


  • West and East Scholars

Wechat: floranjny
Phone Number: 917-535-5722