Focus Education

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Focus Program Purpose: At Marist, we believe that all students, no matter their learning needs, should have the opportunity to receive a quality education. The Focus Education Program at Marist High School is designed for students of average and above average intelligences who have been diagnosed with a specific learning difference and have an Individualized Education Program, IEP. The program supplies students with a premier, college preparatory education that is geared specifically towards their learning needs.

The program has a student to teacher ratio of 5 to 1 which ensures that every student in the program receives personal and individual attention from the Focus teachers. These teachers interact regularly with the Counseling Department, the student’s teachers, and the student’s parents to inform them of the progress that the student is making in the program.

The teacher ensures that students have the accommodations delineated in their IEPs ensure success in their academic progress, such as:

  • Preferential seating
  • Testing in the Focus Room
  • Assistive technology, if necessary
  • Assistance with notetaking
  • Extended testing time

They also monitor each student’s IEP and interact with the local Child Study Team on the student’s behalf.

Application Process: In order to qualify for the FOCUS Program, follow the application process and submit a copy of the most current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) prepared by a Child Study Team. These forms should be given to the Office of Admissions when a student submits their application for acceptance into Marist.

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