Champagnat Scholars Program

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What is the Champagnat Scholars Program?

Named after the founder of the Marist Brothers, the Champagnat Scholars Program (CSP) is an advanced and accelerated program designed for those students that are gifted and talented. In addition to a highly advanced, honor and AP college prep curriculum, students are engaged in summer enrichment projects as well, which include:

  • Pre-Freshman Year: Algebra I
  • Pre-Sophomore Year: Humanities Research Project
  • Pre-Junior Year: Science Research Project
  • Pre-Senior Year: College Course for Credit

They also receive co-curricular enrichment through field trips that take place throughout the course of the school year. These field trips are focused around academic, service and leadership enrichment that is designed to supplement the work they are doing in the classroom. Students are able to go to the Liberty Science Center, Metropolitan Museum as well as Marist Retreat Center in Esopus, NY to name a few places.

A student who is a Champagnat Scholar will take a minimum of six AP Tests throughout their high school career, hopefully earning college credits prior to high school graduation. A listing of AP classes offered by Marist can be found here

Becoming a Scholar

Incoming Freshmen are invited to be a CSP Student based on their academic qualifications as well as their standardized test scores. To be invited into CSP, a student must have an A average and scores above the 90th percentile on the COOP standardized test. They will then be asked to take Algebra I during the summer at Marist prior to beginning Freshmen year.

Freshmen who are not initially invited into the program may be asked to join in their Sophomore year if their GPA and test scores indicate that they should be a part of this selective, gifted and talented program.

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Remaining a Scholar

Once a student is a member of the Champagnat Scholars Program, they must maintain an average GPA of 91 or above for each marking period that they are here at Marist. If they fall below this mark, they have a marking period to improve their GPA in order to stay a CSP member.

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