CollegeNOW Associate's Degree Program

Graduate with an associate's degree and your high school diploma at the same time!

CollegeNOW Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CollegeNOW?

CollegeNOW is an educational opportunity for students to receive an associate's degree through Hudson County Community College while completing their high school courses.

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How do I apply?

A CollegeNOW invitation is emailed to students in April. Directions to apply to HCCC's Project LEAP program are included with the invitation. The deadline to respond is May 30th.

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What are the requirements?

To make sure the program is accessible to everyone, CollegeNOW does not have prerequisites. All motivated students are welcome to apply!

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What are the meta-majors?

Students choose from three curriculum concentrations, known as meta-majors, to focus their fields of study. They can choose from Liberal Arts, Business, and Math & Science meta-majors.

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How many credits will I accrue?

Students can earn up to 60 credits with the program, which equals about 2 years of college time saved!

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Are these college credits transferable?

All NJ state 4-year colleges and universities must accept NJ Community College credits according to the 2007 NJ year, "Full Faith in Credit." 

Articulation agreements also exist with these following schools:

  • Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Felician College
  • Caldwell College
  • Bloomfield College
  • St. Peter's University
  • NJIT


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How do my credits transfer to colleges after graduation?

The credit transfer is done through the HCCC Bursar's Office. It is the student's responsibility to request, pay for, and verify the transfer of credits to the college of their choice.

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What are some of the classes I will take?

The classes will differ depending on the meta-major you choose, but all students are required to take the following courses: College Student Success Course, Computer Applications, Speech, College Composition I, Intro to Literature, Intro to Psychology, and Culture & Values.

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What are the benefits?

With the college credits you earn while at Marist, you will be able to start your college career as a junior, saving you time and money. 

You will also attend career fairs, have access to some of the HCCC facilities, have a pathway to the Harvard Business School, and be able to earn scholarship opportunities for future endeavors.

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What if I decide the program is not for me?

If you decide you are no longer interested in the program, you may continue the regular college preparatory program the following school year.