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FAQ’s for Remote Learning at Marist High School

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How long will Remote Learning last?
  • March 13-April 8: Remote learning 
  • April 8-19: Spring Break  
  • April 20: Remote Learning will last until the Governor decides it is safe for NJ students to return to face-to-face learning.
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How do I log-in for Remote Learning at Marist?

We have several tools that you can easily access through your Chromebook.  The Plus Portals, Marist Gmail account, and Google Classroom.

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How do I submit my work?

Submitting work depends upon each teacher and the nature of the assignment.  Some teachers want a shared doc, some want the work submitted to Google Classroom, e-locker in Plus Portals, as an email attachment, or through Turnitin.  Each teacher will give the students instructions for each assignment.

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What if my child needs tech help?

If you experience any technology-related issues and need support, please contact Mr. Deh at and he will assist you as soon as possible. 

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How does attendance work?

Attendance is checked by the student logging into PlusPortal corroborated by the teachers reporting that assignments were or were not completed that day.

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Do students have to follow normal school times to complete their assignments?

In an effort to create a routine for both students and teachers, we’ve designated 9:30-1:30 for live contact, via email and google hangouts.  That doesn’t mean that a student will necessarily finish their work in four hours.  Nor does it imply that a teacher would not answer an email beyond 1:30, if he/she is available.

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How will student work be graded?

Students are expected to complete assignments as provided by the teachers at the given deadline. Teachers will continue to post all grades on Plus Portals, updating every Tuesday.

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Can students work together virtually?

Teachers and administrators have already begun to work collaboratively, using resources like Google Hangout. Students may work together virtually. However, please understand that we do not have the capability to monitor what students access online while they are at home. We encourage parents to monitor online activity of students.

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What if I have a question and/or how can I contact the teacher/counselor?

The best way to reach them is via email between the hours of 9:30 and 1:30, as they will be checking that daily, except during spring break. If a phone call or face-to-face conference is required, that can be set up in Google Hangouts using your son’s/daughter’s account.  Teachers cannot phone parents from their cell phones.

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What if family obligations resulting from this period of national emergency prevent my student from being able to finish assignments?

We anticipate that we will need to make adjustments to support the learning of individual students. As needs arise, please communicate with your child’s teacher and school counselor so we can support the needs of your learner.

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How will state and national testing be impacted?

All SAT’s have been put on hold.  The AP exams, however, will be given under a new format.
According to the College Board, the AP Program is developing resources to help schools support student learning during closures, as well as a solution that will allow students to take AP Exams at home.  Exams, as well as required units, will be significantly modified.  AP will communicate further details as decisions are finalized. You can visit the AP website to monitor changes and to find helpful resources for students and parents.

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Will we have to make up these days?

Provisions in state law are allowing remote learning to exceed the prior three-day limit as long as the “stay at home” order remains and school buildings are closed.  

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What accommodations are being made for students with IEP’s?

Marist teachers are very familiar with differentiating assignments and assessments for students who qualify for accommodations. Ms. Garber, our Support Services teacher, is available to assist students and/or for consultation with parents via email at

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Are there other resources you would recommend?
  • Khan Academy for subject instruction
  • College Board for standardized test prep
  • Virtual Service, Spirit Week, and Gallery on the Marist homepage.
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Five Breakfasts and Lunches Available for Pick-Up

Except for the week of Spring Break, Marist is distributing a bag of 5 breakfasts and lunches on Wednesday’s from 10:00-12:00. Families just need to drive around to the back cafeteria door for pick-up. 

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Will the building be open if my child forgot something?

Marist is closed.  If there is a pressing need, e-mail Ms. Miesnik at

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How will spring sports be impacted?

HCIAL and NJSIAA have not made any decision yet.  Marist will wait to see what these governing bodies will do.

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What about other Spring Activities?

The rescheduling of all activities relies on when and if it is deemed safe for us to return to the building.  We are currently exploring virtual versions of some of our spring events.

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What about Pathways Forward?

It is vital that the process of finding a college or high school for next year continue: 

  • Seniors should be receiving their acceptances.  They should forward a copy of their acceptance letters to their school counselor.  Also, any letters announcing scholarships of any kind also should be forwarded to the school counselor.  On May 1, seniors will be expected to commit to the college of their choice by putting down a deposit. 
  • JR, SO, FR should be in touch with the schools they are interested in.  Parents, you can register on-line with most schools.  Please do so right after the Easter Break is over.  Let’s agree to choose and register by Thursday April 30.
  • Parents who are interested in having their son/daughter continue in Catholic education should be reapply for FACTs tuition assistance. Reach out to Ms. Vargas if you need help at   If your son/daughter is an SFIC recipient, you must also reapply.  If you have questions about SFIC, email
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What about HCCC?  How will we register for classes?

Ms. Jennifer Rodriguez, the Early College Administrator at HCCC, will be setting up on-line appointments between April 10 and April 17 with students who are ready to register for the fall semester.  Look for her e-mail.