Marist Soccer Finally Finds Its Footing

Marist wins for the first time in six years

Marist's soccer team broke a six-year-long spell of losses Wednesday after a triumphant win over Snyder High School, 12-1. The athletic department at Marist has made a push to improve the teams at the school over the last year and the soccer program was no exception. After watching the basketball and baseball teams overcome previous hurdles, Head Coach Carlos Carvajal was waiting for soccer's time to rebuild after three years of coaching the Marist team.


The Marist soccer team poses happily after winning against Snyder, 12-1.


"Support from the school has been key," said Carvajal. "The soccer program can only thrive if the students know about it and I think that's been our struggle. We needed to let the student body know soccer was available and worthwhile to play."


After successful student outreach, the number of players on the team grew, and more interest started to form. With more engaged players joining up, the coach was able to work on building a solid team. He started with balancing the team's offense and defense, something he cited as an issue in the past, with the defensive line struggling to keep up. But with the training they've done at practice, Carvajal says he sees the start of a cohesive team unit coming together.


"We've done a lot of work at practice with possession; keeping possession wins games," said Carvajal. "I'm glad to see the practice paid off. But this was only one game, we have to continue to practice and stay focused going forward."


Senior Shane Romano and Junior Momo Sidibe lead the scoreboard, both scoring 3 goals throughout the game. Junior Andrea Bonetti scored 2 goals, and 1 goal was scored by Seniors Matthew Pobedinsky and Joshua Singh. Juniors Joaquin Cepeda and Manissa Exauce scored 1 goal each, totaling 12 for the whole team.


"Above all else, passion and persistence are what got us this win," Carvajal continued. "Despite the losses and the challenges, the team stuck through it and persevered. We're eager to get back to practice and use this momentum to push harder."


The soccer game schedule can be found on our website here. Come out and support the Royal Knights!