Goldman Sachs Visits Marist High School for Career and Development Day

Bayonne, NJ, May 24, 2018- Goldman Sachs visited Marist High School for an in-depth career and development day. Representatives from different managerial levels of finance, securities, technology and operations fields joined students for group panel discussions and Q&A session to engage students with possible future endeavors.


“This is a great opportunity to show our students the possibilities of their future,” stated Tiffany McQueary, Chief Advancement Officer for Marist High School, who put together this event. Students were able to ask questions about the courses necessary to be able to enter the selected fields and the journey that it took for each speaker to get to where they are now. “It shows them that anything is possible with hard work and determination,” McQueary continued.


Goldman Sachs showcased the internship process for those students interested in their field and the expectations set forth in their designated departments. Students were grateful to have this opportunity to inquire and to learn about the different available career divisions. Marist High School continues to embrace the 21st century by establishing corporate relationships to help ensure the future of their school and their student's education.