The Marist Mission

Marist High School is a Catholic, college preparatory, co-educational school, inspired and motivated by the charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers.
The school creates a community of lifelong, faith-filled learners who are prepared to take their places as enlightened, educated members of a complex, diverse society.
Marist's commitment to excellence fosters the development of mind, body, and spirit through a partnership of families, faculty, school board, and staff by offering a curriculum, infused with Gospel values, that challenges an academically diverse student body.
Painting of Man

Our Philosophy

Inspired by Saint Marcellin Champagnat, Marist High School stands in the Marist Brothers of the Schools' tradition of Catholic education: a tradition whose highest values are the sacred integrity of the individual and his/her Christian responsibility to his/her society; a tradition whose ultimate aim is to make Jesus known and loved among the students.

This mission is carried out by a dedicated faculty and staff. Marist High School strives to create a community of lifelong, Christian learners who are prepared to take their places as open-minded, generous, educated members of a complex, diverse society.

Building a caring and affirming community means that we recognize and appreciate the abilities and talents of both the faculty and the student body. Self-esteem and a positive attitude toward education are fostered through competent instruction which recognizes and works effectively with a wide range of academic abilities, tempered discipline, and prudent counseling.

Our Goals

Religious and Moral Development to:

  • Foster awareness of Christian identity through a specific curriculum of religious education;
  • Exhibit the ideas of Christian concern and service;
  • Provide a variety of liturgical and spiritual activities;
  • Prepare students to meet the moral and spiritual challenges of our society;
  • Encourage the learning, sharing, and spreading of Gospel values.

Intellectual Development to:

  • Provide a course of studies designed to meet the needs and to challenge the abilities of each student;
  • Develop critical thinking, decision making skills, and creativity in addition to the basic skills of reading, writing, and computation;
  • Examine and evaluate continually the effectiveness of our philosophy, our curriculum, and our teaching methodology;
  • Develop in all students a level of computer literacy which will enable them to maneuver effectively in today's world.
Students working together

Personal and Communal Development to:

  • Help students achieve a positive self-concept and to develop emotional maturity;
  • Foster social development through healthy interaction with others in curricular and extracurricular programs;
  • Develop an atmosphere in which the gifts of all persons are respected and appreciated;
  • Instill self-discipline and self-motivation;
  • Foster respect for the rights of others, and a Christian concern for the needs of those around us and throughout the world;
  • Develop an interactive, cooperative relationship between faculty, staff and parents/guardians of our students