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A Health Career Exploration Program

Marist High School students in Bayonne, New Jersey working with a medical dummy in the medical simulation lab.
Program Overview

The MEDQUEST program at Marist is designed to give interested high school students academic and practical instruction to different aspects of the medical field.

The curriculum includes classroom instruction, practical labs, and field experience where students receive hands-on learning.

The program takes place at Marist in our campus simulation lab. The lab provides a space for the students to learn on real equipment that they would find anywhere in the medical field. The lab has four distinct parts:

  • Reception Area
  • Assessment Room
  • Laboratory
  • Hospital Room

Students may enter the program either in their freshmen or sophomore year after completing the MEDQUEST application.

Students who are in the MEDQUEST program for four years are eligible to take the National Health Career Association Provisional Examination for Medical Assistants in the spring of their fourth year of MEDQUEST. Upon graduation, they will secure an NHA lifetime certification.

Students are eligible in their Junior year to take the NHA Provisional Exam for Electrocardiography Technicians.

An arrangement with Bayonne Medical Center enables  Marist students to do volunteer work at their facilities.   Students are able to shadow medical professionals in all facets of hospital work, such as administration, therapies of all kinds, patient care, Marist High School students in Bayonne, New Jersey drawing blood from a medical dummy.
Program Purpose

MEDQUEST combines theory and practical application with clinical practices and volunteer work to afford our high school students the knowledge, insight, and experience necessary to pursue various health careers. The ultimate goal is to prepare students to enter top-notch college programs in the following areas:

  • Pre-med
  • Nursing
  • Pre-veterinary
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Dental
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Physicians Assistant
  • Preparation for diversified health careers

The secondary goal is to prepare students to seek certification upon graduation. Once a student graduates from the program, they will have enough coursework, knowledge, and experience to take a test and earn certification as an ECG/EKG Tech, Medical Assistant, or in the field of Phlebotomy.

Marist High School students in Bayonne, New Jersey working with a medical dummy in the medical simulation lab.
Program Outline

In addition to Marist's rigorous college prep program, MEDQUEST students will be scheduled into the following course sequence:

  • Freshmen – Health, Vital Signs, CPR, Wound Care, Career exploration, Baby Care
  • Sophomore – Medical Terminology
  • Junior – Surgical Instruments, Pharmacology, Electrocardiography, EKG Technician National Certification Preparation
  • Senior – Assisting with surgical procedures, Suturing, Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant National Certification Preparation

A full listing of all courses at Marist can be found in the Curriculum Guide.

Co-Curricular Hours

The summer months between 9th & 10th grade and 10th & 11th grade will be spent volunteering. Students will have to opportunity to spend a total of 30 hours at an approved medical facility.

Junior and Senior year, clinical practice times will be spent during school, for a total of 20 hours.

Marist High School student with two fingers on the wrist of another student, checking their heart rate.
Program Qualifications

Applicants should have:

  • An interest in a health/medical career
  • Average or above average grades
  • Good conduct and attendance records
  • Willingness to participate in healthcare activities beyond regular school hours
  • Have submitted a MEDQUEST application 

The application to apply to the program can be found below. Please return this application to our Admissions Officer, Shannon O'Brien.

If a student decides they are no longer interested in a medical career, they may resign from the program and continue the regular college preparatory program the following school year.

Medquest Application (506.79 KB)
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